iryna skrypnyk

Director of IryS-dent


"The dentist will cure not only smile, but the human soul. What is Irys-Dent for me? It is a place where I can be happy doing things that I love"




Associate Professor of Prosthetic Dentistry Department, 
Bogomolets National Medical University



Chief of medical staff

"I grew up in the family of dentists. As I was a child I believed that all adults will become future dentists. I can’t imagine myself outside of the profession and the dental clinic "IriS-denT” as well. This is the place where I have great opportunity to make people happy with beautiful smiles"


shuminska tatiana

pediatric therapeutist-dentist


Associate Professor of Prosthetic Dentistry Department, 
Bogomolets National Medical University

darda illia




androshchuk dmytro

dental surgeon

"As for me, dentistry is a way of self-realization. Surgical work consists of two elements: the art of needlework and scientific thinking. This important qualities are organically combined in work and allow performing complex surgical operations easily and masterly"


glukhotko aliona


"On my opinion, dentistry is not just my job - it's creativity, it's me, it's my little life." I do not imagine myself in another profession, which allows me to be at the same moment not just a doctor, but also a psychologist, an artist and even a sculptor. How much it is multifaceted! I really love my profession and for me it's a real pleasure to give people beautiful smiles"



bagdasarian alina

gnathologist, orthopedist

"Dentistry is one of the serious professions in which I see myself.The profession of a dentist is not only complex and serious, but also quite interesting"



dombrovska lina

speech and language therapist

"Speech therapist is a specialist who uses special methods and techniques, corrects sound pronunciation and other speech pathologies. Dental clinic "Iris-Dent" is a place where I can not only expand my professional knowledge and skills, but also be most useful, working closely with orthodontists, working on a unique piece of art - the aesthetic appearance and functional capabilities of the dento-maxillary apparatus. When a teenager or an adult leaves the orthodontist, smiling happily, I am pleased to realize that this is also my credit" 



Golub Roman

Endodontist, microprosthesis

"Teamwork sometimes takes a lot of energy, causes a storm of emotions and shifts our borders, at times revealing the most secret corners of our souls." At the same time, thanks to the desire to grow, communicate and work in teams, those corners are consecrated with the help of the warmth of human souls "



Boiko andriy

Senior curator, orthopedist
Deputy chief of medical staff

"It is a great pleasure for me to be a part of the team of professional doctors. Iris Dent Clinic is a place where you are always welcome and you will be given all the necessary attention. We know how to properly treat health, how to save it and how to restore it the best way"


Sirchenko (dychakovska) alina

supervisor, orthodontist

"Dentistry for me is an opportunity to give a radiant smile to everyone"



malyi dmytro


"As for me, dentistry is that what I really want to do. It is an activity that allows me to move forward and grow up constantly as a specialist. And it is not only the matter of self-realization, but also great possibility to help other people"



arbuzova yulia


"We are the team of highly qualified specialists who are sincerely in love with their profession. If you want to get a smile shining of health and beauty, the doors of the Author's Dental Clinic "Iris Dent" are always open for you!"



rakytenko kseniya

supervisor, assistant

olefir alena


PIurko orest


Gnatyshyn yulia




mitina alena

head nurse

"Dentistry for me is a dream from childhood, which is gradually being realized! I want to give people confidence and joy, after all, a beautiful and healthy smile is the key to success! Iris-Dent is the place where I enjoy that surrounds me!"



chernych olga


"At IriS-Dent clinic we guarantee positive emotions and spiritual comfort. And definitely, you will become our good friend for years to come with a healthy and happy smile"